What Happens Next After the Bail Bond Has Been Posted?

When somebody is arrested for perhaps busting the law (all suspects are innocent until proven guilty), a bail is placed. Bond is a designated quantity of cash set by the court which, when paid, implies that the suspect could be released back into modern society until their pretrial court day.

While an excessive bail quantity is prohibited through the 8th Amendment, the particular quantity of the bail might differ between people suspected of the very same crime. At a bail hearing, the judge sets the volume after taking into account a few factors about every person suspect.


The quantity on the bail set will count upon:

• The suspect’s criminal record and if this’s their first run in together with the law

• The possibility (likelihood) they believe is going to skip town or perhaps the nation

• The chance of the suspect being a risk to themselves, consumers or even their loved ones

• Their employment history • And, obviously, the dynamics as well as the severity of the crime to that they’re a suspect.

In Certain Situations – like if a crime is publishable by the death penalty – the judge won’t establish the suspect, and a bond should remain in jail until their court day.

If the quantity of bail is much more than what the suspect can afford to spend, they have got two choices: phone a bail bondsman or even sit in jail and hang on for the trial. For a charge, a bond representative pays as well as posts a bail bond for the belief. Generally, the payment charged is ten % of whatever the total bail bonds are which fee is paid out quickly on the bondsman. If you are in a dire situation and seem to not be able to get out, contacting mr nice guy bail bonds santa ana is probably the best thing you could do to get out of this problem.

Thus, in case the bail is $5,000, the connect representative becomes $500 after which, on your behalf, guarantees the majority of the cash on the court in case you forget to appear on your court date or even flee. Because the bail bondsman is taking a huge monetary risk in agreeing being held liable for any quantity you may owe the court, the bondsman is going to want some kind of collateral (the mortgage on your house, the name on a motor vehicle, an invaluable portion of jewelry, etc.) to discuss the quantity of the bond should you decide not showing up for court.

Whether you appear on your court looks and are found guilty or perhaps not, the bail bondsman will keep the ten % you paid them when you initially employed them getting from jail.