Using Your Experience in Life

So you are retired, maybe thinking of moving to Florida and just relax the remainder of your years, but somehow you still feel that there are many things you can still do to help the community or even the world. That is true, your advance age is not something that should stop you from doing more for the world and its people. The experience and skills you have acquired throughout your life should not be wasted, as long as you have the will and the strength to do so, you should do what you can. Many seniors and retired individuals are now volunteering to help the local community and also third world countries.

If you are someone with engineering or construction background, you can volunteer in programs that provide housing for the homeless. With the lack of people with skill to handle the construction work, elders with strong bodies are welcome to join, given their doctors give them the go ahead. If not work in the field, you can also help with planning and the more paper side of the construction, licensed engineers who are willing to work probono are quite rare, but if you are retired and doing well why not assist organizations with you great skills only achievable through the wisdom only time can bring. Wise learned teachers of the art are rare and needed, become a beacon to those who would like to one day be able to accomplish what you have already done.

If you are someone of the medical field, many who have no access to basic medical care need people like you. As you have before, continue to save the lives of people, both in your local community and in countries that needs it the most.  Organizations from all over the world will welcome your assistance and wisdom, teach those who would like to learn how to save a life, that way you will continue to save hundreds if not thousands of lives, through those you teach, whether or not they are recognized as doctors or nurses.

You don’t even need to be someone from a specialized field, teachers, business professionals, or any field of work, whatever your field of work or skills is you still have the ability to change the world by giving time to people and volunteer to teach them hands on. We need the wisdom of those who succeeded in life and found their own way in life, you are the true masters of your field, and we are but apprentices, if you allow yourself to become mentors to the current and next generation, you can help mold this world for the better.

You have lived life well, I ask now if you could allow us to reach what you have reached. Before you give us the mantle of stewardship to this world, we ask you to lead us one more time. There are many who would gladly welcome your volunteer work, for they know that your generation made the accomplishments which gave us our world today.