The Must-Have Features in a Quality Backpack

If you’re looking to purchase a quality backpack, there are certain features you’ll need to look for. These include: a Mesh-like part, a lock, and a Hip belt. They are all extremely important and will help you carry your stuff with ease.

Hip belt

If you plan to go traveling, you must pick a backpack that comes with a hip belt. Hip belts can help you carry weight, relieve back pain, and improve your overall balance.

Hip belts can fit a wide range of people, as long as the belt is a bit longer than the body’s waist circumference. To find out what size you need, ask a friend to measure the distance from your C7 vertebra to the top of your hip bone.

The hip belt is usually made of two padded pieces that can vary in width. Ideally, the wings of the hip belt should cover both the front and the back of your hip bones. This ensures that you get a good fit.

If the belt is too narrow, it will not allow you to transfer as much weight as you need. It may also cause pain on your shoulders. A hip belt with wings that are too close to each other can also interfere with adjustment.

The hip belt should be adjusted to distribute the weight of the load evenly over the entire hip area. When the load is fully loaded, the hip bone should be in the center of the belt.

Adjusting the shoulder and load straps is something that experienced hikers do. The Outbreaker Backpack suspension system is adjustable, so you can use it to fit a variety of heights.

A hip belt can carry about 60% to 70% of the total weight of a backpack. In order to maximize this benefit, you should choose a hip belt that is comfortable and long enough.

Most hip belts come with pockets for carrying smaller items. Depending on the style of the backpack, these pockets can hold a small camera, GPS, or snacks.


Travel backpacks should be made of a solid material and have great locking features. These locks prevent opportunistic thieves from putting incriminating items in your bag. The more secure a travel pack is, the more peace of mind you’ll have.

The best locks for backpacks are the TSA approved lock, which can be locked by TSA agents. It is a small, compact, and resistant lock that is perfect for backpacks and suitcases.

Another great option is the Forge 2 Pack, which comes with two durable and reliable travel locks. Each has a slash-resistant steel shackle and a flexible cable. One of the locks features a red indicator for easy locating. This locking device also includes a search alert for finding your lock.

Other options for backpack security include locking zippers, a hidden pocket, and cables to tie to fixtures. You can find a variety of these products online. However, it can be difficult to distinguish between the best options.

Some backpacks come with special looped zipper pulls, which make it more difficult for a would-be thief to grab your bag and carry it away. However, this does not stop a thief from slashing a zipper and getting your stuff out.

Finally, consider a bag with RFIDsafe technology. This feature blocks intentional skimming and accidental payments. This will prevent the unintended payment of your credit card or ID.

With a TSA-approved lock, you can feel comfortable about leaving your backpack in the luggage checkpoint. However, these locks are not as strong as padlocks. If you prefer a more rugged option, you can opt for a combination lock. In this type of lock, you don’t need to remember a complex password.


Modularity is a concept that refers to the design and composition of various modules. It can also be used to describe the interrelation of different standardized units.

The main purpose of modular backpacks is to provide the user with a customizable solution to carrying a variety of items. They are made of durable materials and have many compartments and pockets for organizing and storing all of the gear needed to complete a mission. This is an important feature a backpack should have especially if you’re looking for backpacks for beach activities or hikes.

The Boundary Supply Arris system has a unique design that allows for external and internal customization. Featuring a grid system and loops on the exterior, the backpack can be easily separated into two separate compartments. With the Fieldspace 2.0 attachment, users can easily attach an extra laptop sleeve or dopp kits.

Modular backpacks are an increasingly popular choice because of their flexibility and capacity. While they can be easily configured to fit a wide range of needs, the best models are innovative and have great quality.

In order to select the right modular backpack, look for several factors. First, you need to consider the different capacities and sizes. If you are traveling, you may want a bag that can hold enough supplies for three or four days. However, if you are going on a 5-day outing, you will need a bag with more than forty-five liters of capacity.

Secondly, you will want to make sure the backpack has multiple layers of stitching for durability. This will allow it to handle heavy loads. You will also need to find a model that comes with a variety of internal pockets. These should be deep and can accommodate a wide array of items.

Lastly, you will need to find a backpack that is expandable. Many modular backpacks come with expandable pockets and compartments.