Seniors Keeping Strong Through Chiropractic Therapy

Volunteering at an age when you should be just relaxing is a bit hard. After all, our bodies just aren’t what it used to be. But what if I tell you there is a way for the elderly to keep a strong back and healthy body, that we could get some of that strength and activeness we had back in the day.

Last month I was able to visit my family in San Antonio, we went out for dinner and enjoyed the sights. My daughter then told me about wellness chiropractors, informing me that their therapy allows the body’s healing factor to function optimally and at the same time promote a better spinal health. I was at first skeptical about such a therapy, as I have never really jumped into the whole herbal and alternative medicine wagon. The whole idea of the body being able to naturally heal you from any sickness is a bit interesting though, so I decided to give it a shot and let her take me to their clinic the next day.

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An interesting experience

I woke up that day like the usual, getting out of bed was literally painful, this has been something I have experience since I was in my late 40’s, so I was more or less used   to it. After a 15 minute drive we reached the clinic my daughter was talking about, the place looked decent and had all the doodads you would expect a clinic to have. As my daughter was signing me up and doing all the other paper work needed I sat at the waiting room. I then notice that there were a lot of people of all ages waiting as well, some of them were my age, so I decided to have a conversation with them.

After about 20 minutes of waiting and conversing with my fellow patients, I discovered that the people my age were there a few times a week. They told me that the therapy was effective and allowed them to live their daily lives as if they were ten years younger or so. I had read a whole article about the power of the placebo effect and thought that they were experiencing that…that was until I experienced it myself.

A whole new me

I had the therapy, which felt pretty okay and was like a massage except more stretching, bending, and bone cracking (Like cracking your knuckles, not breaking bone). It was when I woke up the next day that I felt its true effects though, as I felt completely nothing when I woke up! And I mean that as a good thing, as you remember I told you that I always felt a bit of pain when getting out of bed, even feeling a bit tired. That morning those feeling wasn’t there, of course the usual drowsiness you feel when you wake up the first thing in the morning was there, but the tired feeling and pain was absent. I even started a new bail bonds business.

From that point on I decided to have regular visits to my chiropractor as maintenance to my back and wellness. Had I not visited that chiropractic clinic, I would not be as active as I am now in volunteering and the community, and I recommend the therapy to everyone, because in order to truly help others you must be in top shape to give your best.