Make Sure You Don’t Get Disqualified From Sweepstakes – Here’s How

Entering sweepstakes is a great deal of fun! And you are able to win some great prizes! The one thing that some folks take really, however, (and several get somewhat paranoid about actually), could be the thought of a’ disqualification’. They wish to stay away from that no matter what, to ensure they’re as good a chance as you can to win some great prizes.

So what’s a’ DQ’ (aka a’ Disqualification’)?

It’s generally when someone’ abuses’ the guidelines of sweepstakes‘ excessively’ in order to try and earn. It’s crucial that you be aware I included the term’ excessive’, and also said’ abuse’, that I am going to elaborate on shortly. In case you make an error, usually, it’s okay. It’s simply the’ excessive’ consumption. I actually have worked with and spoken to a number of businesses, so have a very good idea of what they’re searching for.

Among the primary reasons business has a sweepstakes/giveaway, is since they wish to increase the profile of the business. They need folks to chat about it, inform their close friends about it, folks to feel really great about the business, and preferably long term see increased revenue since of the great exposure since they think they’ve some great products as well as services they wish to share. Sweepstakes are a fantastic way of accomplishing this.


In a nutshell, many sponsors would like you to perform these 3 things.

Enter from your own personal pc and/or see the sponsors email (i.e., their business name, etc, logo, etc).
Enter based on the frequencies they specify (i.e., daily/once only/one per week, etcetera, etc).
And preferably, tell friends about the sweepstakes!
When you do all these 3, then you must be a-ok. Naturally, read through the guidelines, but the above is exactly what the majority of sponsors want. Therefore, that being said… it is time for Fact!” or “myth.

Factor perhaps myth? A DQ is the conclusion of the planet.

Myth.:) Although for several folks, in case it had been a prize they actually, truly wanted, it may really feel that way, it’s not. Not merely could it be really difficult to be DQ’d by’ accident’, but you will find unquestionably tens of a huge number of sweepstakes actually being held across the nation, each month. And so in case you actually did get DQ’d, (and I point out that as a huge if) — next, you will find a huge number of sweepstakes you are able to enter from alternative sponsors to gain identical prizes. Not to mention those various other businesses would love you to discuss them.

Factor perhaps myth? In case you enter way too often, you are able to get DQ’d.

The solution to this’s, it depends. It all depends on the unique sponsor, in addition to how “excessively” you have entered. Most sponsors place this in to keep against’ excessive’ consumption. Excessive doesn’t imply 2 more entries than you must have — too many means actually 10,000 entries in one morning for one individual. (There are in fact some people that can do that, think nobody will see, and also once the sponsor does observe 10,000 entries meanwhile everybody else simply has’ 1′, and also says no — they get) that is upset. The thought is usually to essentially keep the sweepstakes entertaining for everybody. A person who manages to do it that too much is really convenient to identify, and eliminate those entries for. (I.e., if we have just 12,000′ entries’, and also 10,000 are from a single person, it’s quite noticeable).

If you’ by accident’ enter 2 times in one day, when it was a one time each day sweepstakes, you’re probably a-ok. Actually, several sponsors will additionally enable you to — as well as simply show you to get into tomorrow. (I.e., you will get yourself a message like’ You’ve previously entered for today! Remember to try again tomorrow!’).

And so bottom line — in case you exceed it by a number of entries, do not worry about it. Sponsors generally are just concerned about’ excessive’ consumption. You’ve crucial issues to be concerned about — like what you are going to do with your incredible prize in case you win it!:)

Factor perhaps myth? Eating a cheeseburger while typing it will enter your odds of winning.

Haha. I place this in here to find out in case you were still reading through the post. If you’re, congrats, you have learned some really valuable information! Responding to whether a cheeseburger does actually help you – in fact, quite possibly yes. (Providing, obviously, you like cheeseburgers. In case not, substitute your preferred food here). And why would I mention maybe yes? Well, since you feel good since you ate your favorite meal – and so are much more apt to get into much more, and consequently with increased entries, more prone to win!

However, in conclusion, to stop DQ’s and also ensure you’ve excellent chances of winning:

Enter based on the frequencies the sponsors specify. So in case, it says once each day, enter once each day. In case it states just once per week, do just once per week. In case you’ accidentally’ enter as soon as too often, do not care about it.

Enter from your own personal pc as well as check out the sponsor’s website/message/logo/etc, etc. (They would like you to recall them if you speak with friends, and/or want to create a buy in the future).

So when you win – Discuss IT! Tell your buddies, home life, internet forums about your win – also the business which sponsored it! Like I have said before, among the primary factors companies have sweepstakes is promoting their products/services, and preferably get a lot more product sales from what they’d previously. Word of mouth marketing can be quite successful, makes those sponsors feel great – and also permits them to be much more prone to provide a lot more amazing prizes in the long term!

The bottom line is, consumers want AWESOME PRIZES. Create a
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