Fascinating Tips on Painting Your Car

In case you realize the color of your automobile is beginning to become a little dreary and stained looking or maybe you just decide you would like a fresh look. The very first thought in your head is possibly locating an expert to manage fresh paintwork.

Nevertheless, painting an automobile isn’t a task that could solely be carried out by professionals, as a situation of reality you are able to get the task done yourself with just a couple of guidelines along with a bit of perseverance.

As such below are a few instructions to assist you to enjoy an outstanding finish right in your own personal property, without paying for somebody else to get it done and also without shelling out an arm along with a leg to purchase the required materials.

Necessary Tools

  • Sander
  • Paint sprayer
  • Putty knife (optional)

Necessary Materials

  • Painter’s/Masking tape
  • Newsprints
  • Car washing brush and detergent
  • Putty (optional)
  • Wet Sandpaper
  • Rustoleum high gloss paint
  • Odorless mineral spirits
  • Primer
  • 4″ High-density foam brushes
  • Paint trays
  • Distinct coat
  • Power spin buffer


For starters, you have to discover a huge area which is dust and dirt totally free since debris can be very bad to a great paint job. In case you have a garage with sufficient room, this would most probably be the very best place to perform your painting.

When you select an area, use the automobile washing brush and detergent to remove any dust and dirt from the car, make use of newspaper as well as tape and meticulously go all over the automobile and carefully cover some location you don’t desire being painted for example the windows as well as headlights.

You ought to remove the bumpers too and spray them separately to make sure they’re done very well.

Begin with the heavy grit sandpaper (600 resolution) after which review the automobile once again with finer grades. A sander will greatly help with this level. Consequently, it’s best you get one. The automobile ought to be damp sanded so use sandpaper designed for wet use.

In case you have some indentations in the automobile, do the putty to the blade to fill up as well as level them with putty. Let the putty to become dry completely before disturbing it. In case the starting metal of the automobile is showing in any places, paint them with a layer of the primer to make certain you receive a quality surface.

These days it’s time to start painting; you are able to work with a paint sprayer to use the color more quickly or maybe you might utilize a paint tray along with a 4″ foam brush.

Place on the primer first to make a great foundation for any style you plan to put on the automobile later. If the primer dries sand it down to eliminate any paint or maybe bulges marks, you should squirt the automobile approximately three times to ensure you have a great base to work with.

Now you move to start working on the colored coats; blend fifty % paint to fifty % mineral spirits to get the essential consistency and then put on at least two coats, or even as many as you have to get the color you wish.

Then apply approximately three levels of the distinct coat to guard your paintwork; as well as your paint job is completed. Permit it to dry out for a minimum of twenty-four hours before cleaning or usually troubling the paintwork.

Try using a spin buffer around two days later actually to receive the paint job to show.


  • In order to lessen the volume of tape and newspaper work you have to do, explode as lots of areas as possible you don’t desire being painted for instance the top and tail lights.
  • Permit every layer to dry out for a couple of hours before using another layer on top.

Learn more about spray painting your beloved car with this medium.com guide. Hover over and use it as a reference as you go on with the fun task of modifying your car’s color.