A Must-Read Guide On Cleaning Cabinet Hardware Effectively – An Walkthrough

Cleaning cabinet hardware is fun! I like to do it in my kitchen. I have a stainless steel sink, brushed chrome finish, and white cabinets. They look great and clean easily. However, sometimes they are so dirty that I need a deeper cleaning process.

This process is for people who have busy schedules or are not able to spend as much time cleaning their sinks and cabinets as I can. If you have stubborn grime that won’t come off, try using a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Wet a rag with this mixture and then dampen it with a wet towel.

Ring out the rag just long enough to be effective and then wipe it with more hot water. Scrub the cabinet hardware with the scrubbing pad. It may take several passes for each piece, but be patient and don’t be afraid to apply some elbow grease.

If you don’t want to go with hot water and soap, cleaning cabinet hardware with a solvent or canned spray paint may work. Follow the directions carefully on the can. Be sure to use the right type of paint for the area that needs painting.

For example, if there are marks that are water-based from food, then use oil-based paint. To give the surfaces a rustic look, I always pour a bit of red paint on the areas where I want to paint. Another option for cleaning cabinet hardware is to do it yourself. Garage Gear Guru has tons of essential tips surrounding cleaning cabinet hardware. We recommend you go check it out ASAP!

With these simple and inexpensive home tools, you will accomplish the job quickly. You will only need hot water and a mild soap for the surfaces that need cleaning. A damp cloth and some hot water will work.

Keep in mind that when cleaning stainless steel, brass, or aluminum, you will want to use steel wool or an aluminum-oxide paint thinner. One very fun project that I have done recently is cleaning cabinet hardware with baking soda.

For this project, you will need a clean cotton cloth, baking soda, dish soap, protective gloves, a toothbrush, and rags. Take the time to thoroughly clean your hardware. Once all the dust is removed from the surfaces, apply the baking soda to them. Let the items soak in the solution for a few minutes, then brush with the soft toothbrush.

Another great way to clean cabinet hardware is to make your own soap. Using a tablespoon of liquid detergent, mix in a gallon of water, and a cup of white vinegar. Once you mix the two ingredients together, pour them into a spray bottle.

Next, apply the solution to the hinges and let the solution sit for a few minutes to dissolve the grease and grime. In addition to cleaning cabinet hardware, it can also be beneficial to replace worn hinges.

If you are experiencing creaking noise in your hinges, it may be beneficial to purchase a new hinge and clean hardware on the cupboards below the hinges. A soft, clean microfiber cloth, an aluminum oxide paste, and a spray bottle of cleaner will get the job done quickly and easily.

As we have seen, cleaning cabinet hardware does not have to be difficult. There are many ways to accomplish this goal. However, we have just provided a few suggestions.

For more information on how to solve a multitude of cleaning problems, be sure to check out our next article. Until then, remember to rinse your utensils properly before using them again. You’ll find that cleaning your kitchen and garage cabinet hardware will be a breeze if you follow the proper directions!