A Guide to Selecting the Best Pocket Knife For You

Consideration #1 – Decide whether you want just one blade, a multi-blade, or maybe a multi-tool. In case you only wish to make use of your knife for just opening cardboard boxes or perhaps peeling an apple, one blade will work all right. When you would like a knife that has a bit more versatility to it, then I suggest obtaining a multi-blade pocket knife. And finally, in case you want something that is going to provide a solution for as a number of different situations as possible, a multi-tool is most likely your best choice.

Consideration #2 – Do you want to have a locking blade or perhaps not? Locking blades are much safer wear since the blade will secure in the open job, therefore stopping the blade from folding in on your hands during usage. In case you do desire this particular security element, then you definitely need to probably choose an individual blade knife, since many multi-blade knives & applications don’t possess a locking mechanism on them.

Consideration #3 – In the event, you purchase a brand name pocket knife or even an off-brand? I’d certainly suggest following the most widely used name brands like Case & Sons Cutlery, Benchmade, Gerber Gear, Buck Knives, Spyderco, and many others available nowadays.

The primary reason behind following these popular knife manufacturers is they almost all have an extended history of crafting quality pocket knives and generally have the support that is excellent.

Another advantage to following these recognized manufacturers is the fact that you are going to find a lot of reviews online for their many knives, which can help you obtain a much deeper perspective on what knives are great and what can be harmful, and what pocket knives position the check of your time.

Consideration #4 – What sort of blade content is the very best? There’s usually a great deal of debate about this particular topic, but here are some guidelines which to help you determine what’s right for you. Stainless steel is a tad very soft, which helps make the blade very easy to sharpen yet still hold an advantage for a good period of time. Carbon steel is more difficult than stainless, and can hold an advantage longer but is more difficult to sharpen once the time comes for it being sharpened.

Another common option, particularly with blade collectors and those that are searching for a lovely piece of workmanship, is Damascus.

Damascus steel often has patterns that are beautiful in the steel, and it is what Samurai swords were created from. Damascus is akin to stainless steel in its qualities, which means it’s difficult enough to support an advantage but still smooth enough being honed.

Consideration #5 Just how much should you spend on a pocket knife? While there are really no hard rules or maybe guidelines to abide by below, remember you are going to get everything you buy. That said, you are able to typically get a good pocket knife for thirty dollars to sixty dollars. Additionally, there are more affordable blades though the quality is apt to decrease with the cost as well, and you will find much more costly blades which at times has a much better quality knife, often not.

Finding the perfect pocket knife is certainly challenging with a lot of versions around these days, so make certain you are doing thorough research and read plenty of evaluations before you make a purchase. Remember that there’s no single greatest pocket knife for everybody, it is an individual liking and choice and also is dependent upon everything you really want from the blade.

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