10 Event Swag Ideas to Delight Your Attendees


Whether your event is in-person or virtual, attendees will remember the conference swag you provide. It’s an excellent way to reinforce the theme of your event and create a lasting impression.

Choose swag that matches your audience’s needs and wants. For example, a stylish power bank can keep remote workers charged up and productive on the go.

1. Postcards

Great event swag reflects your brand’s ethos and leaves a lasting impression. Choosing high-quality products that are unique, tasteful, and affordable is an easy way to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Postcards are a classic swag item and can serve as a beautiful reminder of the conference’s theme. They can also feature your logo and inspiring messages to make a more personalized impact.

Mouse pads are a practical piece of swag, especially for attendees who work from home or on the go. Choose a sleek minimalist design that reflects your company’s ethos and messaging.

Reusable straws are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic and a convenient way for attendees to hydrate on the go. Choose a sleek, stylish design and add your logo to help boost brand recall.

2. Towels

If your event is taking place in a warm area, giving attendees towels is an easy and affordable way to show they care. You can even have them embroidered with your brand’s logo or a custom design to make sure it stands out.

Aside from being useful, towels are also highly shareable. This makes them an ideal choice for swag items that promote your brand, especially during and after the conference.

Another swag item that’s both functional and shareable is USB drives. These tech-devices can be preloaded with files that are relevant to the event or a webpage that addresses your CTA. This ensures they’ll get used, and it also helps your attendees stay engaged with your brand long after the conference is over.

3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are classic swag that can protect attendees from the sun’s harsh glare, especially in outdoor events. They also provide a great place for branding, especially small logos. They’re a good choice for gift boxes for virtual events or even in-person conferences.

Wallets and card holders are a practical form of event swag that help attendees carry essential items like their credit cards. They can be customized with your company’s logo and used regularly, further promoting your business’s visibility and reputation.

Wellness items as essential oil diffusers or yoga mats are great swag items that promote your brand while showing your care for your attendees’ health and wellbeing. These gifts can also work well for in-person conferences as they are more likely to be kept at home and re-used. This is unlike tech items such as power banks or headphones that might be quickly discarded.

4. Mouse Pads

As the event swag industry continues to expand, it’s important for marketers to carefully consider their audience and how each piece of swag they choose might reflect on their brand. The best conference swag offers an opportunity for your brand to build relationships with attendees and reinforce the value they get from attending your event.

Whether they’re engrossed in an important session or negotiating a deal, your attendees will appreciate being rescued from the dreaded low-battery alert by a handy portable charger. Customizable with your logo, these practical and stylish swag items make great impressions on the attendees you serve.

With virtual conferences increasingly being held, it’s a great idea to offer attendees some swag that will bring comfort to their remote experience. Personalized webcam covers make ideal conference giveaways that can protect attendee’s privacy and add a unique touch to their tech gear.

5. Earphone Cases

Give attendees a way to keep their earbuds safe and protected when they’re not using them. These sleek cases can be branded with a full-color design and offer a look that’s right at home in any modern event.

A practical gift that helps people enjoy their virtual experience, this phone stand lets attendees easily adjust the screen to a comfortable viewing position. Plus, it’s flat and easy to slip into any bag or pocket.

This self-heating mug makes for one of the most in-demand tech items, which is why it’s ideal as event swag for your organization. It’s the perfect giveaway to warm hearts and show that you care about conference attendees. And with a custom design, you can be sure your brand is noticed too.

6. Keychains

Adding a touch of your brand’s unique personality to swag items is another surefire way to stand out. These swag gifts have the potential to become long-lasting pieces of your company’s culture, and they can provide year-round exposure as well. Consider Special Events Photo Booth Hire if you ever need something different from your usual events!

For example, a customized keychain is a great way to give attendees a handy reminder of your conference and its key takeaways without being too much of a nuisance. And you can find a variety of fun shapes and designs to choose from.

Other ideas to consider include reusable drinkware, notebooks, and tablet stands that keep smartphones or tablets in a comfortable viewing position and free from dust and debris. These are useful and often used by attendees both at and after the event. Using digital printing methods like full-color graphics can make them truly stand out and memorable.

7. Notebooks

When it comes to event swag, attendees appreciate items that have everyday practical value. Gifting branded notebooks that fit each attendee’s needs and tastes makes for a memorable experience that goes far beyond what they receive in their swag bags.

Personalized swag also helps attendees connect with the conference theme and brand message. For example, adding an add-on to a notebook like antibacterial and fungicidal properties can make it stand out in a way that makes your attendees feel special.

Tech gadgets are another hit among event swag ideas. From portable phone chargers to Bluetooth speakers, these gifts can enhance video conference calls or make the workday a little bit easier. Plus, these types of giveaways stay in the daily lives of your attendees and promote your brand every time they use them. This makes them the perfect addition to your event swag bag.

8. T-Shirts

Especially for upscale conferences with top Executives, Founders, and VCs, premium branded swag is an awesome idea. These t-shirts offer more room for creative messaging and artwork and are more likely to be worn, resulting in free brand exposure.

Another great event swag option is drinkware. Personalized water bottles, mugs, and tumblers will be appreciated by attendees as practical gifts that can be used during and after the conference.

Reusable water bottle designs that reflect your conference theme or location will make a strong impression on your audience. Similarly, eco-friendly tote bags that are made of recycled materials will also resonate with the audience. Consider also incorporating bamboo power banks as an innovative way to promote your brand. These environmentally friendly products are great alternatives to traditional chargers and can be engraved with your logo. They also make an excellent addition to a travel kit.

9. Phone Chargers

Personalized phone chargers are useful conference swag items that will remind attendees of your brand every time they charge their phones. These swag gifts are also an excellent way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainability and green business practices.

Gifting branded tech accessories is an excellent idea for any type of event. From eco-friendly Bluetooth speakers and wireless charging pads to bamboo stylus pens and camera blockers, you can find the perfect tech conference swag for your audience.

A custom calendar is another excellent piece of event swag to offer at your next conference. By incorporating your company’s logo, you can create an original event giveaway that will keep your brand top-of-mind for your attendees. Moreover, the calendar is a practical item that will be appreciated long after the conference has ended.

10. Succulents

Succulents are a versatile choice for event swag, whether your attendees are attending an in-person conference or a virtual one. Whether you offer a live planting experience or a pre-packaged cylinder gift box, the enduring nature of these plants makes them a great event souvenir.

Lip balm is a year-round essential, meaning your brand will remain top of mind for conference attendees long after the event. Handing out branded lip balm as event swag can be an inexpensive yet effective way to keep your attendees moisturized and your brand visible.

Envision your attendees, deep in a session or in the midst of an important networking conversation, when their phone battery flashes “low.” Your event booth’s savior is a sleek portable charger. These practical giveaways make an impact that translates into action and a strong return on investment.