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Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme

Retire into Action


Welcome to RSVP

RSVP, the retired and senior volunteer programme, is a free standing programme within CSV, which encourages the growing number of those aged 50+ to volunteer in their local area in England, Scotland and Wales.

  • RSVP is the only UK wide organisation that offers the opportunity to everyone over the age of 50 to volunteer.
    For details of activities in our newsletter, or to find out more about local projects, see the links in the bar on the right.
  • We believe that volunteering not only helps communities, but directly benefits the volunteer.
  • The life experience of RSVP volunteers is used to the full. Unlike most other organisations, we depend on people with experience to lead and organise local and national RSVP groups.
  • We cover every possible activity. If a volunteering project benefits the community then we are pleased to be involved.
  • RSVP groups seek to reflect the communities in which they volunteer. We encourage volunteers from all community groups, including those from ethnic minorities and those with disabilities.
  • RSVP has no age limit for volunteers - you are as young as you feel! If you want to be involved we will welcome you whatever your age! We particularly welcome volunteers aged 80+.
  • From Inverness to Lands End, from Anglesey to Scarborough, RSVP volunteers are making their communities better places to live in by giving up their time and energy to help others and themselves.
The Retired & Senior Volunteer Programme (RSVP), is part of Community Service Volunteers (CSV).
CSV is a company limited by Guarantee, registered in England under no 1435877 and is a registered charity no 291222